Browser & Chart Upgrades

9ja Bonanza

I need to rant about the 1inch wallet.

I love the 1inch wallet. I want it to be my favorite wallet, but there are some features it sorely needs.

1. Browser history. There is no list of recently visited sites or dapps. So if you get cut off or your device shuts down or something in the middle of a dapp visit, you have to start all over again (if you can remember the address you were on). Very painful.

2. Frequently I will be working with a dapp in the 1inch browser and the dapp asks for authorisation of some sort. I click and allow it, and then 1inch closes the browser! After that it begins to give me notifications of the progress of my transaction. Other wallets don't do this. I didn't ask for the dapp or the browser to be exited. And there is no history, so if I want to go back, I have to start all over from the beginning.

3. Please add a candlestick chart so we can follow the progress of our tokens. The line chart just doesn't help.