Cross-chain fusion

Andrii Malesh

Initially, can be implemented as a chain migrating mechanism for funds (no swap, just a single token transfer between chains). When the use case is proved additional swap (token x in, token y out) could be implemented.
Use case (the ideal and most simple case is described here): Alice has connected to the 1inch app and has 10 USDC on Arbitrum. She wants to move the tokens to Base, to gain more from providing liquidity there. There's Bob, who also uses 1inch. He has 10 USDC on Base, and wants to use them on Arbitrum, cause he doesn't like the chain congestion.
They both put an order on 1inch for a "cross chain fuse", very similar to the current "limit order" feature. The i1nch serves as the mediator and keeps records of the orders. Once the matching orders are found, i1nch uses Alice's tokens to provide them to Bob's custody on Arbitrum, and in the same fashion Bob's tokens change their ownership for Alice on the Base chain.
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